Higher temperature, lighter weight, longer life

Maverick’s products perform in the most demanding applications


It’s a bird, it’s a plane

It’s Maverick’s cutting-edge, dependable resin technology helping airplanes soar


Precise standards, powerful performance

Mavericks high temperature, high-tech components are custom made for the engines & machines of tomorrow



Maverick’s Products are rooted in the Aviation/Aerospace Industries.
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High Temperature Resins

  • FPOProducts

    Our materials display superior thermal stability and high-temperature performance while saving weight in composite parts.

  • FPOMaterial Options

    Maverick can offer materials for a variety of high-temperature applications and processing methods.

  • FPOCapabilities

    We manufacture products in commercial volumes and can recommend or even develop a material for your application.

Molded Components

  • FPOProducts

    Our fully engineered molded components excel in High Temperature extreme environments.

  • FPOMarkets Served

    From Aviation & Aerospace to Industrial Packaging, Maverick products conquer the most demanding challenges.

  • FPOMaterial Options

    Our wide variety of polymer composite solutions can be tailored to exceed your performance needs.

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