MVK-14 FreeForm®

High Temperature Polyimide

MVK-14 FreeForm® is a high-temperature thermosetting polyimide resin with service capability up to 316°C (204°C wet). It is accompanied by an extensive database of mechanical and thermal properties. This database, generated by the National Center for Advanced Materials Performance (NCAMP), includes over 5,000 data points and makes MVK-14 FreeForm® ready for use in virtually any application requiring a high-temperature structural composite material.

Jointly developed by Maverick and GE Aviation to replace PMR-15 and its highly toxic diamine 4,4’-methylenedianiline (MDA), MVK-14 FreeForm® contains no mutagenic or carcinogenic components. Although it is most suited for autoclave processing, its chemistry also allows for the use of compression molding.

MVK-14 FreeForm® is available as a PMR-type resin solution from Maverick Corporation, or as a prepreg from Renegade Materials Corporation.

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Typical Properties

Composite Properties Test Parameters Units Typical Values
Glass Transition Temperature DMA, Dry °C 318
Glass Transition Temperature DMA, Wet °C 274
Thermal Oxidative Stability 316°C, 1034 kPa (150 psia), 125 hours % wt loss < 2

Reinforcement: T650-35 Carbon Fabric, 8-Harness Satin Weave

Composite Properties Test Parameters Typical Values (MPa) Typical Values (ksi)
Compression Strength RT, Dry 731 106
Compression Modulus RT, Dry 61400 8900
Compression Strength 232°C, Dry 483 70
Compression Modulus 232°C, Dry 63400 9200
Compression Strength 288°C, Dry 379 55
Compression Modulus 288°C, Dry 60000 8700
Compression Strength RT, Wet 607 88
Compression Modulus RT, Wet 64100 9300
Compression Strength 232°C, Wet 345 50
Compression Modulus 232°C, Wet 59300 8600
Compression Strength 288°C, Wet 262 38
Compression Modulus 288°C, Wet 55800 8100
Tensile Strength RT, Dry 827 120
Tensile Modulus RT, Dry 61400 8900
Tensile Strength 232°C, Dry 848 123
Tensile Modulus 232°C, Dry 64100 9300
Tensile Strength 288°C, Dry 841 122
Tensile Modulus 288°C, Dry 60000 8700
In Plane Shear Strength RT, Dry 83 12
In Plane Shear Modulus RT, Dry 4800 700
In Plane Shear Strength 232°C, Dry 55 8
In Plane Shear Modulus 232°C, Dry 2800 400
In Plane Shear Strength 288°C, Dry 62 9
In Plane Shear Modulus 288°C, Dry 2100 300

Reinforcement: T650-35 Carbon Fabric, 8-Harness Satin Weave

Disclaimer: The data listed herein fall within the normal range of properties but should not be used to establish specification limits or used alone as the basis of design. Maverick Corporation assumes no obligations or liabilities for any advice furnished or for any results obtained with respect to this information. All such advice is given and accepted at buyer’s risk.

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