Vinyl Phenolic Resin

MVK-7000 is a vinyl phenolic resin developed for use in bearing liner applications. With a lower cost than Maverick’s polyimide products, MVK-7000 provides an economical alternative for bearing applications with lower service temperature requirements. MVK-7000 is available as a solution from Maverick Corporation.

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Resin Properties

Resin PropertiesTest Parameters Units Typical Values
Solids Content 104°C/60 min cure % 18 - 20
Solution Density (Room Temp.) - g/mL 0.98 – 1.03
Solution Viscosity (Room Temp.) Brookfield spindle #RV-4, 20 rpm cP 1500 - 3000
Glass Transition Temperature TMA after 104°C/60 min cure °C 93 - 116

Disclaimer: The data listed herein fall within the normal range of properties but should not be used to establish specification limits or used alone as the basis of design. Maverick Corporation assumes no obligations or liabilities for any advice furnished or for any results obtained with respect to this information. All such advice is given and accepted at buyer’s risk.

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