Maverick Corporation manufactures high-temperature polymer resins intended for use in some of the most rigorous applications for composite materials. Most of Maverick’s resins are polyimides, which exhibit superior thermal stability and can be utilized at continuous temperatures from 400°F (205°C) to 700°F (371°C), and for short-term exposures as high as 1000°F (538°C), with minimal mechanical or thermal degradation. Maverick resins also provide excellent chemical resistance and are well-suited for a variety of applications, such as structural composites, adhesives, thermal barriers, and many others. We can also recommend a material based on your preferred processing method, whether you use resin transfer molding (RTM), compression molding, autoclave molding, or out-of-autoclave processing methods such as vacuum bag curing.

As high-temperature polymers, Maverick’s materials are subject to export control. However, almost all of our products can be sold outside the United States with only an export license. In response to growing domestic and worldwide concern for worker health and safety, Maverick’s polyimides are all free of the highly toxic diamine 4,4’-methylenedianiline (MDA) and any other carcinogenic components. In addition, while most polyimide systems are relatively untested, several of Maverick’s materials possess full databases and have been qualified for both military and commercial applications. These databases make Maverick’s materials ready for your application with minimal or no additional testing required.

Composites manufactured from Maverick materials are significantly lighter than metals. This weight savings greatly enhances fuel economy and can help boost performance. Maverick’s high-temperature resins provide a further performance advantage, in that our materials can withstand environments that would be too harsh for other common resins like epoxy and bismaleimide (BMI). While our materials may carry a slightly higher initial cost, the increases in fuel economy and performance will make Maverick resins well worth your investment!

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