Maverick Corporation specializes in the manufacture of resins for high-temperature composite materials. Resins that are available for purchase directly from Maverick include:

Prepreg Resins:

  • AFR-PE-4 : 700°F (371°C) max temperature, autoclave processing
  • MVK-19 : 700°F (371°C) max temperature, compression molding
  • MVK-14 FreeForm® : 600°F (316°C)           max temperature, autoclave processing
  • MVK-16 : 600°F (316°C) max temperature, autoclave processing

RTM Resins:

  • J1 : 700°F (371°C) max temperature, RTM processing
  • MVK-10 : 550°F (288°C) max temperature, RTM processing

Other Resins:

  • MVK-7000 :400°F (205°C) max temperature, compression molding

Many of Maverick’s resin systems are available for purchase as either a solution or a powder, whichever form is more convenient for your application.

For applications requiring continuous fiber reinforcement, Renegade Materials Corporation manufactures custom prepregs utilizing Maverick’s resin formulations. Please contact Renegade directly for prepreg sales information.

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