Research & Development

Maverick’s history of innovation includes the development of novel, composite resin systems and process development of polyimide composites.

All Maverick R&D efforts are specifically targeted with end products in mind. Consequently, Maverick has a proven track record of successfully commercializing a wide variety of new technologies. A few of these advancements include:

  1. Resin systems with high temperature performance of 475°F (246°C) to over 700°F (371°C).
  2. Composite components with excellent Thermal Oxidative Stability. 
  3. High performance adhesives for elevated temperature environments. 
  4. Prepregs to protect composites from flame and burn through incidents. 
  5. Hybrid composite structures for lightweight, load bearing components.


  1. MVK-10 RTM resin. 
  2. MVK-14 FreeForm™. 
  3. MVK-16 polyimide. 
  4. MVK-19 polyimide. 
  5. MVK-7000 phenolic.

Ongoing Research Projects include:

  • Out of autoclave processing. 
  • Thick laminate processing. 
  • Green, environmentally friendly monomer evaluations. 
  • Novel synthesis methods for polymer reactions.

Contact us with your composite requirements. Our team of scientists, engineers and technicians are ready to work with you to meet your needs.

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